Perfect for Workovers & Small Drilling Rigs

Ideal for portable use on small drilling rigs, the deflection weight indicator’s small size makes it easy to move to different locations. This system is comprised of a high pressure hose, a gauge head, and a deadline diaphragm, which converts line load into a hydraulic signal that gets sent to the gauge for readout. Contact

Acadiana Oilfield Instruments

to place your order.
  • Convenient, compact steel storage container provides easy transportation of the indicator system
  • Ready for use upon ship out
  • Flexible dampers provide operator-controlled pointer sensitivity
  • Comes with 10 different dials that can calibrate number and size of line in pounds, kilograms or decanewtons
  • Deadline diaphragm conveniently attaches to wireline and can accommodate 7/8 to 1 1/4 inch lines
  • 48,000 lbs max single-line load within cable
  • Comes with standard 25 foot hose (ask about available hose lengths)
  • Includes steel, durable case
  • Clear gauge head readings on 12 inch gauge head
  • Gauge includes 2 dials: one for hook load and another for Vernier pointer with a 5:1 ratio for indicating the smallest weight differences
When Ordering Indicate:
  • Rig size
  • Drilling wireline size
  • Derrick capacity in pounds
  • Number of lines strung