Drilling Control Systems Instrumentation

Keep your

drilling operations

running at maximum efficiency with a customized driller's console manufactured at

Acadiana Oilfield Instruments.

Built to fit your precise requirements and made to withstand the setting of your drilling conditions, choose

Acadiana Oilfield Instruments

  • Data Monitoring, Recording, and Controlling:
    • Bit and hook weight
    • Hydrocarbon gas
    • Mud flow evaluation(+/-)
    • Mud temp and consistency
    • ROP and depth
    • Rotary RMP, SPM and torque
  • 3/16 stainless steel, manufactured to provide lasting durability in harsh conditions, such as offshore
  • Meets and or exceeds all hazardous area use requirements for both domestic and international standards
  • Ergonomic controls helps to enhance performance
  • Customized to fit your environment
  • Quality testing and inspections guarantees outstanding performance