Used to indicate and expose complications with a wide variety of common drilling functions. Acadiana Oilfield Instrument's eGauge is very versatile and can be mounted on the pump, in the driller console or in a weight indicator box.

  • Electronic 6" face is easily readable
  • Easily mountable: driller's console on the mud pump, or in a weight indicator box or anywhere on the rigs location
  • Configurable for a variety of inputs that include, pump pressure, tong line pull, casing pressure, SPM, RPM, temperature, and flow.

  • 4 inch sunlight readable display
  • Designed to fit existing consoles with standard 6" cutout and bolt pattern
  • Battery powered (battery run time 12-18 months)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Optional external DC powered
  • Adjustable high/low alarm set points with optional output for audible/visual alarm
  • Designed to display common drilling process variables including, SPM, RPM, pressure, temperature, weight, torque etc.
  • Accepts common sensor inputs (mV/V, ma)
When Ordering Indicate:
  • Application: pressure, SPM, RPM, torque, weight on bit, hook load, temperature and range if applicable
  • Gauge mounting
  • Required capacity
  • Battery or optional DC powered