Accurate Measurements for Rigs using Chain-Driven Tables

Providing accurate indications of changes in torque for rigs using chain-driven rotary tables. Acadiana Oilfield Instruments' Hydraulic Rotary Torque System comes in box or panel mount configurations.
  • By indicating torque patterns, hole conditions, and trends, this system guides the driller on when to change drill bits
  • Creates an efficient and safer drilling environment by indicating warnings of locked cones on the bit, out of gauge holes, twist offs, and formation changes
  • Pointer oscillations are minimized with the gauge damper ensuring longer gauge life
  • Fluid filled 6 inch gauge ensuring durability in any environment
  • 35 ft standard hose (other lengths available)
  • Gauge is available in 500 and 1,000 points
  • Drill string can be zeroed out by operator to monitor torque at the bit
  • Ask about Acadiana Oilfield Instruments' rugged steel sprocket (replaces rubber wheel in idler assembly)
When Ordering Indicate:
  • Chain size and width (single or double)
  • Gauge capacity
  • Gauge mounting
  • Hose length (35 feet is standard)