Provides Accurate Measurement Systems that Reduce Drill Collar and Tool Failure

Acadiana Oilfield Instruments'

Tong Line Pull System with tension load cell is important in reducing drill collar and toll joint failure. Tong Line Pull Systems indicate the applied torque to each joint when the tongs are used to make up pipe, tubing, casing joints or drill collars. Torque gauges indicate line pull that can be converted to foot pounds with wide range of capacities.
Each system requires a Tension Load Cell which is used to convert line pull into a pressure-sensing indicator gauge using a hydraulic hose. Mounting hardware is included as well.
  • Reduce Drill Collar and Tool Joint Failure
  • Target pointer gets set to the required torque giving the driller a clear target mark
  • Get indications every time collars are run or for a one time check
  • Gauge fluid protects the internals and insures an accurate measurement
  • Durable load cell comes with a piston and cylinder for maximum service life
  • Large 6" gauge for easy viewing
  • Tension cells available in 3.68 (5K), 4.0 (20K). 6.53 (25K), 10.8 (30K), & 10.8 S/S (50K)
  • Accuracy: +/-0.5% (Accurate readings reduce failure of drill collar and tool joints)
  • Custom built assemblies
  • Dual scale readings upon request
  • Mounting applications include tong handle with L-shape bracket, box or clamp mount
  • Pointer sensitivity regulated by the damper stem
  • Target pointer for setting desired torque values
  • System includes a 6” gauge, high pressure hose, and tension load cell
  • Desired hose lengths are available (5’ standard)
  • Heavy Duty Steel Compression Load Cell for long term durability and minimal maintenance
  • Make-up or Break-out torque is indicated in pounds of line pull for drill collars, tool joints, and drill string components
  • Line pull displayed on 6" fluid filled gauge
  • Capacities from 5,000 to 50,000 lbs of line pull with metric equivalents available
  • Able to work with all manual tongs
  • Mounting can be permanent or temporary
  • Ask about our combination dials
  • (Built to API 6A Specifications)